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Friday, March 25, 2016

Baltimore Shakespeare Factory Winter's Tale in OP


FINALLY we can see a Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale in Original Pronunciation!

The fearless Baltimore Shakespeare Factory is making Shakespeare history again with their second Original Pronunciation play.

What is Original Pronunciation?

Original Pronunciation, or OP, is the real accent Shakespeare and his actors would have spoken the plays back 400 years ago.

It is an Early Modern English accent that sounds like Irish almost, and the Shakespeare plays and movies we are seeing now are spoken with the WRONG accent!

Isn’t that amazing? If Shakespeare came back to life and heard how actors today speak his lines, actors like Kenneth Branagh and Benedict Cumberbatch, he would be very very confused!

Here is a 10 minute video that perfectly explains and demonstrates how OP sounds and why OP is so important:

Last year, the Baltimore Shakespeare Factory peformed and OP version of The Merchant of Venice.

It was the first time in 400 years that Merchant was performed in the right accent. I saw that incredible production and here is my glowing review — here.

Here is a link for tickets:

I hope you can see this rare and incredible production of one of Shakespeare’s most magical plays. The show is only running for 12 performances — running from 1 April to 24 April -- so please don't miss it!


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