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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Shakespeare and Emma Watson

Wouldn’t Emma Watson be great in some Shakespeare?


She was so very good in the Harry Potter series of films, and she has consistently gotten better as an actress ever since. 

With performances in Ballet Shoes, My Week With Marilyn, and especially Perks of Being a Wallflower, she also really seems to want to challenge herself as an actress. 

She was excellent in Noah, as Russell Crowe’s daughter Ila. While I didn’t agree with all of the creative choices in the film, I thought it was a bold experiment, and she deserves a great deal of credit for making that film work. I thought her role was arguably the most important one, after Noah.

She is currently filming a live action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, where she plays the part of Belle. She is just perfect for that role, and I’m sure the film will be great. 

For Shakespeare, she would be great in any number of roles — Juliet, Ophelia, Helena or Hermia, Portia, Rosalind and so on.

I would love to see her as Cordelia. She has the right combination of intelligence, strength, dignity and innocence to play King Lear’s most favourite daughter. And when she dies at the end, it would be heart-breaking.

It is very rare to see such a young actress who has so much experience on film, and such maturity on screen. And these strengths would serve her well with Shakespeare.

But I would love to see her in my Shakespeare Solved series of films.

These films take us back in time to see Shakespeare’s lifetime, and how he became the greatest writer in history. There are several roles in the films that she would be great for.

But I keep thinking of Emma as a young Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare’s wife.

Is it my imagination, or is there a resemblance?

Some scholars think that Anne and Shakespeare did not truly love each other, and that when he went to London to write plays, he had abandoned her, fell out of love, and perhaps had other lovers.

I disagree. I think they loved each other their whole lives.

It is believed that Sonnet 145 was written for and about her. 

In the sonnet, the woman sees how much love has afflicted the man, and instead of rejecting him any longer, she accepts his love and tells him that she loves him too — “I hate not you.”

Shakespeare even made a reference to Anne’s name, Hathaway, when he writes how she threw “hate away” and saved his life — when she said she loved him back.

Those lips that Love's own hand did make
Breathed forth the sound that said "I hate"
To me that languished for her sake.
But when she saw my woeful state,
Straight in her heart did mercy come,
Chiding that tongue that, ever sweet,
Was used in giving gentle doom,
And taught it thus anew to greet:
"I hate" she altered with an end
That followed it as gentle day
Doth follow night, who like a fiend
From heaven to hell is flown away.
  "I hate" from hate away she threw,
  And saved my life, saying "not you."

I think Shakespeare was very serious when he wrote that Anne saved his life. I don’t think it was just a bit of poetry. And a love like that would have been so important to Shakespeare, that he would never have abandoned her, or sought another woman.

Emma Watson would be great as the young woman who “saved” Shakespeare’s life.

What do you think?

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David B. Schajer

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