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Friday, February 6, 2015

Tom Hiddleston Shakespeare Muse of Fire Interview

I just watched an interview with Tom Hiddleston for the Muse of Fire Shakespeare documentary.

This is the fourth interview of theirs that I have watched — after Judi Dench, Ian McKellen and Mark Rylance.

I love these great interviews, and each one is fascinating in its own right. It is such a pleasure to see un-interrupted conversations with these remarkable actors.

If you love Shakespeare you must watch these interviews.

If you love Tom Hiddleston, and I know there are a lot of you out there, you must watch this interview.

Where else will you see Tom Hiddleston sing a little Elton John?

He’s hilarious!

What’s interesting is that this interview was after his performance as Posthumous and as Cloten in Cymbeline for Cheek By Jowl in 2007, and after his performance as Cassio in Othello for Michael Grandage at the Donmar Warehouse in 2008, with Chiwetel Ejiofor and Ewan McGregor as Othello and Iago, respectively.



So, this interview is before his work in the Hollow Crown series in 2012 and his performance as Coriolanus in 2013.

In this interview, we get to see Tom at a point in time when he is still discovering Shakespeare and how to perform in a play by Shakespeare. He discusses how he prepares for the roles and what it’s like to go into the rehearsal process.

He has a great attitude towards acting, and in doing Shakespeare in particular. Since there is a good amount of fear involved, his motto is to “feel the fear, do it anyway.” 

It is very exciting to hear him say that he foresees doing Shakespeare, and acting in the theatre, in 50 years time. I have written before that I hope that he returns to the stage again and again over the course of his career, and performs as many of the great roles in Shakespeare. I am very confident that he can and will become as famous for his work in Shakespeare as anything else he does in his career, even his work as Loki in the Marvel films.

I don’t want to ruin it, but there’s a very funny story about how he almost become world-famous in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. 

You can find his interview, and many more here:

And in case you haven't seen the complete documentary, Muse of Fire, you can find it here:


David B. Schajer

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