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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Shakespeare's Globe Twelfth Night On Screen

Very exciting news!

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is releasing some of it's greatest stage productions on cinema screens.

This new series called "Globe on Screen 2014" has already begun in the UK but will soon begin in the United States, on Tuesday, 16 September.

The first filmed play in this series is the award-winning Twelfth Night, starring Mark Rylance and Stephen Fry.

It was a sold-out production at London's Globe, with lines wrapped around the block. This film version of the play gives you a front-row view of the play, filmed live before an actual audience.

Here is the list of the other plays in order of release in the USA:

Twelfth Night: From September 16th
Henry V: From September 30th
The Taming of the Shrew: From October 14th
The Tempest: From October 28th
Macbeth: From November 11th
A Midsummer Night’s Dream: From December 4th

Here is a link for tickets and showtimes:

Here is a link for the UK:

If you have never seen Twelfth Night, or if you have seen it a dozen times, you must see this production. It is truly spectacular, and hilariously funny.

The entire production is performed in Original Practices, with Elizabethan-period style costumes, music and set design -- to give you a feeling of what the play would have looked like in Shakespeare's time.

But what really makes the play so remarkable is the performances, especially Mark Rylance as Olivia, and Stephen Fry as Malvolio.

I saw it on Broadway last year, and it was incredible. Here is my rave review

I was not surprised that Mark Rylance won the Tony Award for this performance of Olivia. Stephen Fry was also nominated in the same category, as was Paul Chahidi.

When you see this on screen, keep an eye out for Mr. Chahidi's performance as Maria. He is simply brilliant!

Paul Chahidi as Maria

Also, Jenny Tiramani won the Tony for best costume design.

The play was also nominated for Best Revival, Best Director and Samuel Barnett was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Here is Mark Rylance's acceptance speech, and moving tribute to Sam Wanamaker, from the Tony Awards:

click on image for video

Do yourself a favor and go see this production of Twelfth Night on the screen. You won't want to miss it!


David B. Schajer

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