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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

It is very sad news to hear that Robin Williams has died.

He was in so many great projects over the years, not the least of which was his performance in Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet film, as Osric.

It shows how generous he was as an actor. It is such a small role for such a famous actor, but he made the most of it, and it is a very funny performance.

He is one of my very favorite actors. I remember watching him when I was a kid, and no other comedian could make me laugh like he did. I have very fond memories of watching him, and then my brother and I would imitate him for days on end.

Many years later, I had the privilege of meeting him in person. He was as funny in person as he was on TV and in film. He would literally stop all traffic around him, and everyone would watch him as he did something funny. He loved to entertain, obviously, and he loved the laughter his entertainment created.

I saw him again a few times over the years, and every time was memorable. 

Perhaps my favorite memory of him was when a fan of his, a young Japanese woman, interrupted us as we were talking, and asked if he remembered meeting her many years ago when he was in Japan during a publicity tour.

Without hesitation, he smiled and said of course he remembered her. She got the biggest smile on her face. She looked like she was the happiest woman in the world. She was with her mother, and the mother was awestruck, too.

He chatted with her and her mother for a couple of minutes like they were old friends, and they took pictures together. I doubt that he really remembered her, but nevertheless he treated her, and her mother like they were the most special people in the world.

I have met some rather famous celebrities in my life, and Robin Williams was the nicest and friendliest celebrity of them all.

One day, we were talking and for whatever reason I jokingly called him "Señor Williams."

Without missing a beat, he called me "Mijo" -- which can mean "friend" "dude" or "my son."

Over the next couple of years it stuck. He was "Señor" and I was "Mijo."

I did not see him for many years after that, until about 3 years ago I ran into him. I wasn't sure if he remembered me. 

All I had to say was "Señor" and he looked at me and called me "Mijo." It was fun to talk again after such a long time, and he was the same as he was before, very funny and very down to earth.

That was the last time I saw him.

It is always sad when a famous and popular celebrity passes away. But Robin Williams was not like any other celebrity, and because of that I think his passing is especially hard.

Rest in peace, Robin.



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