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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gary Oldman and Shakespeare

Should Gary Oldman do some Shakespeare?

Yes, of course!

I am really surprised that he has not done any, on stage or screen. He would be such a natural.

I think it is interesting that he grew up in Deptford, London.

Christopher Marlowe was murdered in Deptford, and he is buried in the graveyard of St. Nicholas Church in Deptford.

I'll bet Gary Oldman has his own theories about what really happened to Marlowe, Shakespeare's greatest friend and enemy.

It is also funny that Gary Oldman once performed on stage in  Marlowe's Massacre at Paris -- the play which I think proves when Hamlet was first performed.

Of course, he was great in the fantastic Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead -- but that is something entirely different.

I can imagine him in any number of roles -- Macbeth, Iago, Prospero, Richard III but more than anything I would love to see him do King Lear.

I know Gary Oldman is still a young man, but I think he would be a powerful Lear.

I have seen just about every film he has done, and with each film he brings something different.

His performance in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was amazing. I love Alec Guiness as George Smiley, and I doubted that anyone could do better.

But when I heard that Gary Oldman was doing it, I was very eager to see his performance. It is completely unlike anything he had ever done. I can't even remember the last time I saw an actor express so much when he isn't supposed to express anything. Fascinating.

I have really enjoyed his performance in the Batman films. I would have never have thought of him as Gordon, but he really is perfect. But what I enjoyed most was getting to see him in a series of films, and see how his performance evolved from film to film.

I really hope there is a sequel to Tinker Tailor, and with any luck they will do even more of the John le Carre books. Gary Oldman is long overdue to have a character that is his, in a series of films of his own.

That is one reason it is so easy to think of him in a series of Shakespeare Solved films -- it would be great to see him in another series of films. And what better than a series of films that revolutionize Shakespeare.

More than anything I can see him as one of Shakespeare's fellow actors in the Lord Chamberlain's Men. He could do just about any role, and it would be really fun to see him doubled up in roles, performing Shakespeare's most famous plays for the first time in history.

I would love to see him with actors like Christian Bale (again!) Benedict Cumberbatch (again!) Tom Hardy (again!) and many more on the same screen, performing on stage at The Globe in London in the 1600's.

What do you think?


David B. Schajer

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