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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Germaine Greer!

I have often written about Germaine Greer's remarkable book Shakespeare's Wife. I strongly recommend it, and I think it belongs to the list of essential books you should read if you want to understand Shakespeare, his wife and family, and his life in Stratford.

I once wanted to write a full review of the book, but I gave up. There is too much in the book to talk about and too much rich detail for me to capture in a mere review. So, I have written about it from time to time, and I strongly suspect that it will come up often in the future on this blog.

Here are four articles I have written that relate to her marvelous book:

Fifty Shades of Shakespeare -- did Shakespeare invent "mommy porn?"

Anne and William Shakespeare's Wedding -- what was it like on their big day?

Shakespeare's Last Days -- what happened at the end?

I hope you join me in wishing Germaine Greer a Happy Birthday today!


David Schajer

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