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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ralph Fiennes and Shakespeare

Happy Birthday Ralph Fiennes!

Okay, so his birthday is not until Saturday, but I thought we should start the celebration early!

What more can I say about Ralph Fiennes and Shakespeare?

Not much.

He should do as much Shakespeare as possible whenever possible.


But should he do some Solved Shakespeare?

Yes and yes.

As I wrote my versions of Hamlet, Richard III and The Merchant of Venice I thought often about Ralph in any number of roles, especially as John Heminges, Shakespeare's fellow actor.

But after I saw Coriolanus, I thought that he might be one of the very few film directors who could conceivably orchestrate the films based on my versions of the plays.

I thought the film was nothing like I expected and more than I had hoped for. I was not all that familiar with the play. I had seen it once many years ago, with Christopher Walken as Coriolanus!

I like the fact that Ralph took a risk, and challenged himself with this film -- he is obviously passionate about bringing new and different Shakespeare to the world.

I hope you join me in wishing him a very Happy Birthday!


David Schajer

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