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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Judi Dench!

It is one of my favorite things to post new stories about Dame Judi -- I especially love finding and selecting photos of her, from recent photo shoots, to some from her earlier work on stage.

Her first stage role, as Ophelia in Hamlet at the Old Vic in 1957

As Juliet in 1960 at the Old Vic, and directed by Franco Zefirelli

What I find interesting about her early career was the fact that her parents were involved with the theatre, but not as actors, and when Judi became an actress it was not as a professional but as a non-professional, in the revival of the York Mystery Plays.

After those performances, including the part of the Virgin Mary, she then began as a professional actress -- and started off with Ophelia at the Old Vic.

She continued on with Shakespeare, from Ophelia to Juliet to Lady Macbeth, and so on.

This is interesting because before Shakespeare, and Christopher Marlowe, and the other Elizabethan playwrights were allowed by law to perform -- the only theatre that was lawful in England were such ecclesiastical and Mystery Plays.

So, in a sense, Dame Judi's beginnings as an actress in fact mirrored the beginnings of theatre in England in the 1500's.

Now... should Dame Judi do some more Shakespeare?

Of course!

But more importantly, should she do some Shakespeare Solved?


From what I have read, she has a passion for Shakespeare that is uncommon, and she has no intention of slowing her career down.

I think she, of all people, would enjoy the opportunity to unlock the meaning of Shakespeare's plays and translate them for a whole new generation of people who love Shakespeare -- even those who find the plays hard to understand.

And from what I gather, she has a terrific sense of humor, and no doubt would enjoy revealing the comedy -- much of it very bawdy -- in Shakespeare's plays that has been hidden for so long.

Please join me in wishing her all the best for her birthday, 9 December.



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