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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hugh Jackman and Shakespeare

Should Hugh Jackman do Shakespeare?

I have found only some hints online that he has an aspiration to do some Bard.

He is such a versatile actor, doing action, drama and comedy -- and he loves to perform on stage.

I really enjoy him in the X Men films, and as Wolverine, but my favorite performances are in Kate and Leopold and The Prestige and The Fountain. I can't wait to see him in Les Miserables, and I think the role is perfect for him. I enjoy it when he challenges himself to do something that defies the predictions of audiences. I think he would surprise everyone if he did some Shakespeare, and he would more than rise to the occasion.

In my versions of Shakespeare's Hamlet, Richard III and The Merchant of Venice, I recreate the plays as they would have been seen for the very first time -- their world premieres -- and performed by the original actors, including Shakespeare himself.

I think he would be perfect as one of the Lord Chamberlain's Men, working on stage with Shakespeare and the other actors, like Richard Burbage and Henry Condell.

If you have been reading this blog, or have read my versions of the plays, you know that these actors were far from stuffy and melodramatic performers -- they were very engaging entertainers, and they did anything they could to move an audience to laughter, to tears, to fear or pity.

I think Hugh is such an actor, who has a great passion to entertain, and as such I think he would be perfect in Shakespeare.

What do you think?

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David B. Schajer

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