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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Clive Owen and Shakespeare

Do you think Clive Owen should do some Shakespeare?

The real question is why haven't we seen him do any Shakespeare at all?

He was great in Elizabeth: The Golden Age, as Sir Walter Raleigh. He looks like an Elizabethan without any effort.

It turns out that he did some Shakespeare at the Old Vic in the late 1980's.

I also learned that he met his wife while they he was performing Romeo and she was Juliet! How funny!

I could see him in any number of roles. I would love to see him as Macbeth, Richard III, Coriolanus or Iago, for example.

But what about Clive Owen in some Shakespeare Solved?

I could easily see him as one of the Lord Chamberlain's Men and later the King's Men, acting with Richard Burbage, John Heminges and Shakespeare himself.

I think he would be fantastic as one of these first actors to perform Shakespeare's masterpieces on the stages of the Theatre in Shoreditch and later at the Globe.

What do you think?

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