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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Discoveries & Discoverers -- Britain's Atlantis Found

We live in a remarkable time where so many new discoveries are being made.

I discovered a new way to see Shakespeare, and scientists have discovered Doggerland.

Doggerland was an ancient kingdom that once stretched from Scotland across to Denmark and as far south in the Channel as the Channel Islands -- and was considered the real heart of Europe -- that was swallowed by the North Sea between 18,000 BC to 5,500 BC.

Climatologists, archeologists, and geophysicists with the cooperation of oil industry have mapped the area, and have found the remains of what could have been a population in the tens of thousands.

I love stories like this. Just when you think that the world around you has no more mysteries, and everything that can de discovered has been discovered, you find out that there is so much more.

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